£7 Well Spent

So it’s been a crazy week again – following up with all the lovely couples (and stallholders) that I met at the D2 Wedding Fayre last weekend.  My able bodied assistant, and bride to be Rebecca Main was with me, helping to promote the work of the Caledonian Humanist Association.  As I don’t have a ‘tangible’ product to display, we don’t get a big fancy stall, but make do with a table which we try and decorate to reflect the work I undertake.

I’d been indulging in one of my favourite pastimes the other week (and no, that’s not watching Corrie!!) – I love a good online shopping spree.  My postie calls me Mrs Ebay, and it’s the by product of insomnia.  Poor David reckons it would be a lot cheaper if I just went and got some sleeping tablets ha ha!  But, I love a bargain, and when I can’t sleep, I go online.  I googled ideas for wedding stalls and everything I saw, reflected a ‘Bride and Groom’.  All the florists, stationers, wedding cakes, photographers all had ‘Bride and Grooms’.  But, I wasn’t keen on that, as I also compose and conduct same sex marriages – and I wanted something to reflect this.  So, I happened upon these same sex cake toppers.  I can honestly say it was £7  well spent.

At the fayre, I had quite a few  couples come up to me and comment on my display.  One glance, and without having to ask, they knew that I was able to undertake, and indeed welcomed, same sex marriages.  It even resulted in bookings.  So, the power of marketing?  You don’t need to spend a fortune.  Just think about the message you’re trying to convey.  Visual aids work well, but make sure they truly reflect the service you offer.

Just to lighten things up, thought I’d include a snapshot of my wee display, and also one of Rebbeca and I trying out the fabby photos magic mirror….. who needs a photo booth?

Karen xx

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